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5 Best Places to Travel (That We Overlooked)

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Over the past year and a half we’ve been all around the world, visiting some of the globe’s most renowned cities and hidden gems. Unfortunately we haven’t had time for everything! That’s why we’re starting a new feature where we highlight 5 of the best places to travel that just didn’t quite make the list!

1. Galicia, Spain

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Venture to the northwest of Spain and you’ll find yourself in Galicia, an often forgotten region that sits directly above Portugal. While the travellers are flocking to Barcelona, Madrid, and Andalusia, Galicia maintains a remote, distinctly un-touristy aesthetic that can be a welcome relief from the crowds of the rest of the country. Small villages dot the rugged coast, where traditional Spanish cuisine is prepared with fresh seafood and local meat. While there are cities to explore, much of the joy comes from the picturesque landscape, welcoming people, and stunning ocean views. Best of all, its ‘under the radar’ status means it’s one of the cheapest places to visit in Spain!

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2. Bordeaux, France

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The fact that Bordeaux wasn’t included when we covered France speaks to just how much to there is to see and do in the world’s most visited country – but in retrospect we really should have made space. Serving as what is (very) arguably the wine capital of world, Bordeaux is a dream come true for aspiring sommeliers everywhere. That alone makes it a must-see niche destination, but that’s not all the city offers. There are more historical buildings here than anywhere else in France aside from Paris while the cuisine is as delectable as you would expect. In a country chock full of some of the world’s best places to travel, you’d do yourself a favour by stopping in to Bordeaux.

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3. Kalmar, Sweden

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Its countryside may not quite compare to its Scandinavian neighbour (thank the fjords of Norway for that), but when it comes to cities Sweden definitely takes the cake. One such place that didn’t quite make it is the historic small city of Kalmar. Like many European locales there is a historical Old Town, while the city centre at Kvarnholmen is a must-see. At the middle of it all is the medieval Kalmar Castle – the best of its kind in all of Scandinavia. You could make an argument that this is Sweden’s best city outside of Stockholm…and you can definitely argue that it deserved a place in our list.

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4. Middle Chile

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Our first Travel Guide (which seems like forever ago) covered the spectacular South American nation of Chile. While we touched briefly on wine tasting in this up and coming winemaking country, we didn’t go into detail about where exactly you should go. Well, Middle Chile is your answer. Not only is it the country’s premier winemaking region, it’s the most idyllic, picturesque, and any other similar adjectives we’d care to throw your way part of the country. The valleys of Casablanca, Colchagua, and Maule are where you should start. Of course, there’s more to do here than sample fermented grape drink. You’ll find amazing hiking and skiing in the imposing Andes, a vibrant cultural city in Valparaíso, and great surfing along the coast. Sold? We’d hope so.

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5. Western Australia

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Australia is a pretty large country but when we travelled there, we ignored the largest territory of all. While the cities and beaches of the east coast are legendary (as is the imposing Uluru to the north), there’s something to be said for the rugged beauty of Western Australia. To start, you’ll find a couple great cities in the capital Perth and the always-entertaining Fremantle. Venture out into the Outback and the state offers up lonely yet beautiful landscapes – including the famous Pinnacles (among many others). So while the beaches of Gold Coast and cosmopolitan Melbourne might take up most of your time, save a bit extra for the magical and vast expanse of Western Australia.

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Check back later for more of the best places to travel (that we overlooked)! With so much to see, you can bet they’ll be some amazing places to go.

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