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5 Groups That Benefit from Continental’s Group Rates

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The average individual will find that converting their currency with Continental will save them a fair bit of money compared to the bank. For people travelling as part of a group however, the savings only get better and better! Wondering if you qualify for these improved savings? Here’s a list of five groups that can benefit from Continental’s group rates.

School Trips

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If you have a school trip coming up that will take you south of the border or overseas, you may be worried about finding ways to keep costs down. You’re definitely going to need some cash in the local currency and, depending upon the destination, you may even need to send money to pay the deposit when booking your accommodation or tour activities. These are all necessary expenses that oftentimes cost more than they need to. At Continental, we understand the importance of international experiences in our children’s lives. For that reason, we strive to keep these expenses down as much as possible.

How do we do this? Well, with rates that are already guaranteed better than the bank’s, we offer school groups discounts on these already great rates. What’s more, if you’re part of a group, we won’t charge you any fees on international money transfers. So whether you’re a teacher or school administrator in charge of organizing, or a parent or student taking part, you qualify for a group discount.

Are you a student travelling without your class? Get our Student VIP card for better rates!

Sports Teams

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Does your team have a tournament overseas? Travelling abroad on the tightest budget can turn into an expensive affair really quickly; which is why, for years, Continental has been helping teams like yours to save money on international tours. If you’re a member of a sports team, you all qualify for Continental’s great group rates. So don’t delay! Visit your local Continental branch today!

Charities & Missions

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As a member of a charity, chances are you’re giving up your own valuable time and energy to help others in need, which is why it isn’t fair that you also give up your hard-earned savings as well. With Continental, members of charities and missions have full access to our amazing group rates – so more of your money can go to where it should, helping the inhabitants of this wonderful planet.


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Whether it’s a big family affair in the old country or just a group of former classmates who are looking to spice up the traditional alma mater gathering a little, if you’ve got a reunion coming up that will take you abroad then pay a visit to your local Continental branch. As long as you’re an organized group and opt to buy currency together, you’re eligible for our amazing group rates! Rates that will save you even more on your currency exchange.

Destination Wedding

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Destination weddings can be expensive affairs; and if you’ve got one on your calendar, chances are you’ve got enough on your plate to worry about without the added cost of currency exchange. That’s why, If you’re part of a wedding party, you qualify for the great group rates on offer at Continental. Save more of your money for where it counts: celebrating the union of the people you love!

Feel like you’re a member of a group that should qualify for a group rate but didn’t see it mentioned here? Chances are you’re right! Simply call or visit your local Continental branch to inquire.

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