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Around the World in 100 Weeks

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What a long strange trip it’s been. Over the last 100 weeks we’ve visited 99 countries all over the world, shared memorable experiences (and mishaps), stopped by world famous landmarks as well as some hidden gems, and had an altogether amazing time. But now that we’ve taken a bit of a breather we figured we’d take a look back at some of the highlights!

So without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane and give out some long-overdue awards!

Favourite City

edinburgh scotland sunset dusk classical city

We’ve visited a lot of cities, from the massive to the quaint, but when we take it all into account Edinburgh stands out above the rest. It is our favourite quite simply because it has everything. It’s large enough that you won’t get bored, compact enough that it’s always walkable, and packed to the brim with pubs, nightclubs, shops, history, culture, and everything even remotely Scottish. It takes a special place to outshine London in the British context but Scotland’s capital does so.

Best Location for a City

cape town south africa good hope stadium mountain city

We’ve seen alpine cityscapes, desert oases, and everything in between but few locales can top the Cape of Good Hope for a spectacular setting. We’re talking of course about Cape Town, South Africa – a stunningly picturesque city sandwiched between the ocean and the large, flat Table Mountain. It doesn’t hurt that the city has a fun atmosphere with ample beaches and nearby winelands ripe for the picking.

Adventurer’s Paradise

south island new zealand mt cook hiking hiker backpack

New Zealand has long been lauded as a natural wonder in itself, with stunning landscapes from the seacoast to the mountains. The South Island in particular is home to some of the world’s finest hiking and adventure sports. Thrill seekers start in the adventure tourism mecca of Queenstown but Fiordland and Westland offer some of the world’s most impressive natural phenomena. It can’t really be put into word just how scenic the country is – so get out there and see it for yourself!

Coolest Trip Back in Time

rome italy ancient coliseum forum gladiator sunset

With so many ancient wonders across the world, you might think it’s hard for us to choose just one…and you’d be right. While it may seem like an obvious choice, there’s no denying that Rome offers a vast amount of ancient history within a compact area (plus you have a whole city to explore afterwards). History buffs will gravitate towards their favourite era, but no matter what intrigues you, it’s plain to see that the centre of perhaps the most renowned empire in world history deserves this award.

Best Place to Spend the Day with a Cold Drink

us virgin islands boat beach caribbean

Ancient wonders aside, there’s nothing that quite compares to wiling away the hours on a sunny beach with a cold drink in hand. But with so many options, where to go? Well the Caribbean and Central America (among a whole boatload of other places across the world) are full of options, but our pick goes to the US Virgin Islands. Each of the three main islands offers a different experience, whether you want the solitude of a private escape or the convenience of a resort.

Most ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Country

bhutan tiger's nest monastery buddhist himalaya mountains alpine flags

With 99 countries, you have to admit we’ve been to a few places you might not have expected! Out of all the countries we’ve been to, the Himalayan nation of Bhutan is probably one of the most out of the way and exclusive destinations. That’s partly due to high cost as well as its remote location and small size. Upon arrival however, we realized that the entry price was worth every cent as we set about exploring the hidden monasteries and alpine retreats in the land of the Dragon King.

Most Memorable Journey

big sur california usa road trip bridge pacific ocean coast

We’ve been on some memorable trips but our favourite journey amongst our Travel Guides has got to be our 4-part road trip through the entire United States. From northern New England all the way to the California coast (not even including Hawaii or Alaska), we visited so many extraordinary cities, national parks, and landmarks along the way. Best of all, it’s just a quick trip south!

(Our) Favourite Food

istanbul food turkey turkish couple cafe wine

Okay we’ll admit; this one is completely down to personal bias. While this author might love the taste of Italian cuisine (especially some of the Florentine and Tuscan specialties), it’s the Turkish capital of Istanbul that just edges out Italy and Greece when it comes to our favourite meal. If you don’t like Eastern Mediterranean food it’s likely this choice won’t sit well with you, but then again you’re not the one choosing the winner. As for us, we’ll take the hummus, kebab, and lavash bread aplenty.

Most Unique Currency

cuban peso convertible cuba money wallet flag

That would have to be the somewhat confusing tandem of the Cuban peso and Cuban convertible peso. While the former is used amongst the general populace, the latter is predominantly marketed towards tourists. Does it make complete sense? Not all the time. As Cuba opens up even more (especially towards the US) we might see an elimination of one in favour of a sole national currency.

Most Useful Currency

euro banknotes cash colors money

While the evergreen US dollar and multi-national currencies such as the East Caribbean dollar are good ones to have in your back pocket, nothing can quite compete with the euro for sheer usefulness. Many of our favorite destinations fall somewhere within the eurozone, so having euros on hand can get you from Lisbon to Estonia and almost anywhere in between!

Staying Awake All Night

berlin nightclub party young millennial dance

New York may be the ‘city that never sleeps’ but it’s not the only place you can party the night away. While Spanish metropolises like Barcelona and Madrid are renowned in nightlife circles, it’s Berlin that takes the cake here. With an explosion of trendy bars and clubs, you can party away the night (and then the next day).

Where to Get a Good Steak

argentine steak uruguay argentina beef meal wine meat

Vegetarians look away, but if you want to get a steak from those who do it right, you’re going to have to head far to the south…to Argentina or Uruguay to be exact. Both countries are renowned for a high percentage of red meat consumption, but it’s easy to see why when you smell the sumptuous cuts of meat expertly prepared on the ever present grills.

Creepiest Place We’ve Been

skeleton coast namibia shipwreck sea ocean desert Namib africa

While we’ve also hit some of the world’s renowned Ghost Towns at one point, the creepiest place we really recommend visiting is Namibia’s infamous Skeleton Coast. Treacherous waters overpopulated with century’s worth of shipwrecks give way immediately to miles and miles of desert as far as the eye can see. While we can’t imagine what washing ashore here without a working ship must be like, we can imagine that the barren, yet oddly beautiful environment didn’t offer much solace.

Just Scratching the Surface

It’s a cliché but it also goes without saying that there’s so much more to discover! Whether you’re looking for the world’s best surfing, cheapest trips, most exclusive clubs, or the most ultra-modern city possible…you can probably find it somewhere on theCurrent.

camping adventure tree plains morning landscape beautiful

Rest assured however, our journey is only just beginning! Wherever there is adventure to be had, food to be ate, or mysteries to be uncovered…we’ll be there. Thanks for the first 100 weeks, and we hope you’ll join us for the next 100!

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