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April Theme: One Continent, Many Countries

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Welcome to our theme page for April! Each month as we pick a new theme for our blog (theCurrent), you’ll be able to visit a dedicated page where we highlight the theme and provide links to our related content posted throughout the month. You can also check out all the themes we’ve explored in previous months!

theCurrent Theme is…

Europe! Our first full theme of spring this year will take us to the continent we know you’ve all been wanting to travel to (which apparently is not what we initially thought). With so much to see and do in Europe, we can never get it all done in one trip…but we hope you’ll get a taste of the wonders within regardless!

Click the links below as they appear for all our special ‘Europe’ related content throughout the month:

On The Horizon

In May, we plan on getting out of our comfort zone. Whether that involves mountains or flying through the sky…you’ll just have to wait and see. We’ve got some great things lined up, so keep an eye on theCurrent!

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