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April (Fools) Theme: A Frigid Getaway

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While we do actually think Antarctica would be quite the adventure, we realise it’s just not the most feasible getaway! We hope you enjoyed our little April Fools joke. Check out our actual theme – Europe!

Welcome to our theme page for April! Each month as we pick a new theme for our blog (theCurrent), you’ll be able to visit a dedicated page where we highlight the theme and provide links to our related content posted throughout the month. You can also check out all the themes we’ve explored in previous months!

theCurrent Theme is…

Antarctica! Our first full theme of spring this year will take us to the continent we know you’ve all been wanting to travel to. There’s so much to see here in the frozen desert (yes, it is a desert). We’ve got ice, freezing cold water, penguins, and the uncertain possibility of survival. We can’t wait!

Click the links below as they appear for all our special ‘Antarctica’ related content throughout the month:

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    • Why Your Motor Sledges Don’t Need an Engineer (by Robert Scott)
    • Help! I Sent My Christmas List to the Wrong Pole
    • Next Winter Olympics to Determine Sovereignty
    • The Pan-Antarctica Currency You Need

On The Horizon

In May, we plan on continuing our relaxing pursuits with a month of content for those that like to take it easy on vacation – and in no way will focus on adventure tourism or hiking. We’ve got some great things lined up, so keep an eye on theCurrent!

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