How to Apply for a Canadian Passport

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When it comes to your passport – or any government document for that matter – two of the most commonly asked questions are, “How do I get it, and how long do I have to wait?”

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Where do I start?

Well depending on your situation, the process will vary. If you’re an adult seeking a renewal, an adult receiving your first Canadian passport, or a child doing the same – there’s a form for your requested passport you need to fill out which can be found on the official Passport Canada website.  Beyond this you’ll need:

  1. Most recent passport or proof of Canadian citizenship (if it’s your first time)
  2. Two identical passport photos (1 signed by a guarantor if first time)
  3. Required fees
  4. Document to support identity (adult first time) or proof of parentage (child)
  5. Additional documents (as needed) for a child passport

If it’s your first Canadian passport, you’ll need to meet with a guarantor so they can complete the form and sign what needs to be signed. Otherwise you get to move on to submitting the application part of the process.

If you’re a non-Canadian citizen, the government offers travel documents and certificates of identity, often extremely useful while you wait for your citizenship to be approved.

How long does getting a passport take?

When you submit your completed application you’ll have the option of doing it in person at a Passport Canada office, or sending it in the mail. Our client’s often claim this is the most frustrating part of the application process, as a lot of it is out of your control and left to the speed of the Canadian government.

Passport Canada states that for a standard application it should take approximately 10 business days if you apply in person, or 20 business days if you send your application in the mail.

Can I get my passport faster?

Yes! Luckily if you’re in a hurry – maybe you’re going on vacation and ignored your passport until the last minute – you can pay to expedite the process if you need to. You must turn in your application in person at most Passport Canada offices in order to receive this option.

The expedited passport processing options are:

  1. Pay $20 for a 10 business day turnaround time.
  2. Pay $50 for a 2-9 business day turnaround.
  3. Pay $110 for a 24 hour turnaround.

The fast turnaround times can help you in case you ever find yourself in a panic. It can definitely be pricey, but the options are there if you need it!

Check here for a copy of the application you need + any additional documents specific to your case. Need to find the nearest office to you? The Passport Canada website offers a comprehensive list. Also, check out the benefits and even a hidden feature of the new ePassport.

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