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How to Be a Polite Airline Passenger 101

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There’s nothing worse than a long flight with a crying baby on board, am I right? Wrong! There are lots of things more annoying (and less cute) than babies that people do on flights. Don’t ruin anyone else’s day, keep these in mind next time you fly!

Messing With Someone Else’s Seat

While adults are usually pretty mindful not to kick the seat ahead of them, sometimes kids don’t understand the person can feel them messing around behind them. This is one of the worst faux-pas because while you can ignore crying babies with earplugs or headphones, there’s nothing that can drown out a toddler kicking the back of your seat or Hot Wheels rolling over the headrest. Make sure your kid is being respectful and try bringing toys that don’t require another person’s headrest (like colouring books, iPad, phone, or video games.

However, it’s not always kids that can disturb your seat. Grabbing the headrest of the seat ahead of you when you get up, using someone else’s armrest, or resting your feet on the back of the seat are all huge flight faux-pas.

Hitting On The Flight Attendant

No, the flight attendant does not want to flirt with you. She just wants to do her job. This behaviour can be anywhere from annoying and creepy to straight-up workplace harassment. Don’t do it.

Hitting On Other Passengers

No one is looking to get their flirt on during the flight. Everyone wants to get to their destination in peace. Most people wear comfortable clothes and hope to sleep the entire flight. Save the mingling for the airport bar while you’re stuck on a layover or before you board.

Leaving Your Ringer On

With Wi-Fi on board many flights, there’s a good chance you’ll be getting social media and messaging notifications. Please, turn your phone on silent or at least keep it on vibrate. There’s nothing worse than settling in and nodding off just to be woken by your neighbour’s phone dinging every couple minutes.

If you’re talking on the phone, remember, you don’t have to yell. And don’t even think about using speakerphone.

Crying Or Barking Animals

Occasionally, someone will bring a small pet on the plane with them. If your pet isn’t used to being in its crate, it may cry or bark throughout the flight. Make sure your pet is used to their carrier and keep treats and comfort items handy so no one is disturbed by your dog whining the whole flight.

Don’t Get Drunk

If you’re a nervous flyer, there’s probably nothing so magical as a glass of wine on the flight to help calm your nerves. But drinking too much can be annoying for a lot of reasons. The more you drink, the more you have to disturb your neighbour to use the bathroom. There’s also a risk of you throwing up – whether you make it to the bathroom or not, it’s still gross and should be avoided if possible. Alcohol can also make your breath and sweat smelly. Not to mention, alcohol is notorious for making people loud and obnoxious. Don’t be that person. Don’t get too tipsy.

Food Faux-Pas

If you’re bringing your own food, don’t bring anything loud, messy, or stinky. Slurp your soup or enjoy your fish sandwich in the airport before or after you board.

Don’t Rush

Getting up and standing in the aisle with your luggage doesn’t actually get you off faster. It only means you’re in the way of someone else trying to get their bags. Standing close to the luggage carousel will also not make your bag come up any faster. Be patient.

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