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Top Adventure Bloggers You Need To Follow

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Whether you want inspiration for your next extreme vacation or just want to vicariously experience adventure, there are so many great bloggers and vloggers out there to help you get your adrenaline fix. Here are some of our favourites!

Fearless And Far

Fearless And Far is a unique adventure vlog that goes further than extreme sports or daredevil adventures. Fearless And Far takes on the human and cultural element of adventure travel. This vlog has it all; from wild festivals (like the exploding hammer festival and the Battle of the Oranges) to creepy explorations (like hanging coffins in the Philippines, scuba diving in a sunken cemetery, visiting the Island of Dolls in Mexico, and walking through an abandoned strip club), to daredevil food challenges (like dining on a plate of insects). Fearless And Far’s unique take on adventure travel will keep you engaged and excited (and maybe a little grossed out and creeped out too). Topped off with excellent videography, music, and an extremely handsome frontman, Fearless And Far is one of the most aesthetically pleasing vlogs on YouTube.

Dirtbag Darling

Johnie Gall is a journalist, photographer, blogger, and adventurer. Her blog is filled with personal stories, tips, travel guides, gear reviews, and more! She is an advocate for adventurous women and environmentalism. Follow @dirtbagdarling on Instagram to see her surfing, hiking, biking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors.

Wild Junket

Travelling the world since 2003, Nellie’s travel and adventure addiction is documented in her blog Wild Junket. She began as a timid girl in Singapore who avoided sports and adventure. Now, she doesn’t hesitate to jump out of a plane. Her story continues to grow as she has recently become a new mother. Wild Junket covers travel tips, itineraries, personal journals of her adventures, tips for travelling with kids, and other resources for travellers of all kinds.

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond is a great place for aspiring adventure bloggers to start their journey. With lots of money-saving tips for booking flights, car rentals, and finding hotels, gear guides, tips to improve your photos, and more, Matt (aka Expert Vagabond) is truly an expert willing to share his tricks of the trade. And if you’re not interested in becoming an adventure blogger yourself, you can still read plenty of articles regaling his adventures (like a doors-off helicopter ride over Kauai) or quotes to get you inspired!


The Vagabrothers are two goofy and charismatic guys who travel the world. Their vlog has is all: tips, travel hacks, travel series, inspiration, and adventure. From cliff jumping in Ireland, snow sports in Mt Blanc, to cycling the Pyrenees mountains, the Vagabrothers deliver their stories from multiple camera angles and with humor.  

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