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8 Reasons Tropical Destination Weddings are the Best

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Destination weddings have been growing in popularity over the last few years. But, if you still need some convincing, check out this list of 8 reasons why tropical destination weddings are the best.

You don’t have to wait for summer

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Outdoor weddings in Canada are always a gamble. Your dream fall wedding you planned on Pinterest could end up with your guests shivering in a barn beside frozen pumpkins. A spring wedding can also be very chilly and rainy. So, you’re stuck with a summer date. Depending on when you get engaged, you could be pressed to get married soon to take advantage of the warmer season, or you could be stuck with a longer engagement, again, to wait for the warmer weather. If you choose a tropical destination wedding, however, you don’t have to plan around the seasons! You can enjoy the tropical heat and comfort all year round and give your guests a great excuse to get away from the cold for a while.

You can wear whatever you want

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How many groomsmen have sweat to death at a summer wedding in their three-piece suits? Destination weddings are much more casual, so your groomsmen can wear shorts and golf shirts and be comfortable standing beside you. You can also ditch the heels and uncomfortable shoes – or shoes all together! Barefoot weddings on the beach are totally fine!

You get a wedding and vacation all in one

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Destination weddings are really just a week or two long vacation with a ceremony sometime in the middle. You get to party in paradise with your closest friends and family members. Throw in some bottomless margaritas, a swim-up bar, and lots of sunshine and you’ve got yourself a real party! Plus, you get to celebrate for longer than the one-night traditional wedding. Often, people who have a destination wedding also hold a local celebration before or after – so the festivities never end!

You don’t have to worry about the guest list

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Destination weddings tend to be smaller so you can count on being surrounded by only your dearest loved ones. Typically, in-town weddings are made up of about 150 guests, while destination weddings are only about 50. You can filter out acquaintances you feel obligated to invite if you were staying local. Because the guest list is smaller, destination weddings can often be much more intimate, special, and memorable for everyone.

All-inclusive = no worries

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Tropical destination resorts usually have all-inclusive packages for weddings. That means you don’t have to shop around for a caterer, photographer, florist, DJ, etc. Everything is taken care of, so you get to count down the days to your wedding without worrying about all the details of wedding-planning.

Equal sides

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If the couple comes from two different provinces or countries, it can be difficult to decide where to host the wedding. If you do it in one person’s hometown, it’s likely that that person will have more friends and family able to attend. So, you run the risk of having an uneven guest list, or two weddings; one in each hometown with equally and oppositely uneven guest lists at both. A destination is fair for both sides because everyone has to travel.

Great Photo-ops

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Photo opportunities in tropical destinations are gorgeous and infinite. The same spot on the beach will look completely different during the day and when the sun is setting. Plus, there are lots of other unique opportunities like writing your names in the sand or swimming/getting your feet wet in the ocean. The possibilities are magical and endless!

Unique Ceremonies

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Many people choose to incorporate some of the destination country’s traditions into their ceremony. Other times, people choose to incorporate the destination itself into the ceremony (like collecting sand from the beach into a keepsake). These non-traditional and different ideas give your wedding a nice touch that everyone will be sure to remember!

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