Happy 50th to the Maple Leaf

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This day 50 years ago, the Canadian flag as we know it became official. On Parliament Hill – February 15, 1965 – the Maple Leaf was raised at the stroke of noon. Today, celebrations and events across Canada mark this auspicious date, from Newfoundland to BC.

The red and white Maple Leaf has become an instantly recognizable symbol of Canada at home and abroad. It’s not uncommon to see Canadian travelers with a small Maple Leaf stitched into all their bags. However, the design was not universally accepted all those years ago.

Many, including military veterans, were not initially happy with the new flag. They had fought under the British inspired Red Ensign and had no interest in change. Despite this, the Maple Leaf eventually found its footing and has since thrived


While Canada had been an independent country since 1867, the adoption of the Maple Leaf signaled a new era. While still a part of the Commonwealth of Nations, Canada was truly striking out on its own into a new post-war world. The Maple Leaf is more than just a symbol, it’s an expression of Canadian identity.

50 years of Canadian history have seen this country find its place on the world stage, host 3 olympic games, and become a model of 21st century democracy. Here’s to another 50 years of the Maple Leaf flying high.

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