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500th Post Done and Dusted!

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Another milestone, another self congratulatory post! As with our 300th post and 1-Year Anniversary, we’d like to take the special opportunity of our 500th post to take a look back. We’ll relive some of our most exciting adventures of recent times, but most of all would like to issue a heartfelt thank you to our loyal readers!

Thanks Again!

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So to get things started, thanks! We wouldn’t be able to go on these amazing journeys without all of you reading, liking, and sharing our work! It’s humbling to see how many of you are enjoying coming on these adventures with us, and we hope it will continue for a long time.

What We’ve Been Exploring

Since our 1-Year Anniversary in late January, we’ve kept up the momentum by travelling to some fantastic destinations. Whether Denmark, Taiwan, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, or Vimy Ridge – it has been quite a voyage! We also sent our readers on an Easter Egg Hunt with a great prize at the end of it all (and we’re currently in the midst of another great giveaway)!

Where We Still Have to Go

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There are still plenty of countries out there we haven’t had the chance to visit. As we continue to explore, we’ll unearth more hidden gems, discover more unique destinations, and highlight more singular attractions. In addition, we’ll continue to bring you the best in foreign exchange and everything Continental. By sticking with us, you can rest assured that you will stay informed and of course, stay Current.