16 Tips to Save on Valentine’s Day

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You can’t put a price on love, but goodness knows some people try! Letting the person you love know how much they mean to you shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg –  especially if money is tight. The Current wants to help make sure you have a special Valentine’s Day without having to break the bank.

Here are our top 16 tips to have memorable Valentine’s Day – on a budget!

1.  Seriously, money isn’t everything

Don’t get sucked into the pressures and commercialism of Valentine’s Day. Once you truly realise that Valentine’s Day should be about spending time with the person you love not how much you spend you can start planning a special day on a budget.

2.  Less is more

A single perfect rose resting elegantly in a vase, on a table or between your teeth can be more romantic than a hundred roses.

3.  Arts and Crafts

Make your own Valentine’s card. Use a cherished photo, a funny memory or something that you know makes them smile to make your own custom card.

4.  Stay in and Cook

Instead of the fancy packed restaurant try your hand at cooking. Even if you aren’t a great cook it shows that you care enough to try. Besides, you just might like it!

5.  Love Coupons

Create a coupon book with things like ‘this coupon is good for one back rub’ ‘this coupon is good for one week of cleaning by me’. Be creative with it.

6.  Stargaze


Drive out to the sticks, park the car and stare at the stars together. Snuggle together to stay warm and pack hot-chocolate in a thermos. Clear winter skies are a great time to look at stars.

7.  The most important gift is time

In the modern world we seem to be so connected to everyone all the time but we can often forget to spend time with the people who mean the most to us. Even if you are terrible at buying gifts the one thing that you can be confident your special someone will love is you.

8.  Cheesy gifts

Goofy, cheesy gifts that bring a smile to your special someone’s face don’t have to cost all that much.

9.  Memories

Make a slideshow or scrapbook about your relationship. Take your valentine to the first place you ever went on a date, the place you met or another meaningful location.

10.  Plan in advance and find deals

It might be a bit late now but throughout the year try to pick up deals on gifts (Boxing Day is a great time, and so is right after Valentine’s Day) or order stuff online ahead of time.

11.  Do what they want to do

Offer to watch the big game, go to the theatre, watch their favourite movie (no matter how corny or boring it is or how much you dislike it) do something they want to do because you love them, not because you have to…. Besides usually offering is enough and they won’t make you go through with it!

12.  Cheap treats


Buy them their favourite guilty pleasure. Even if it is a cheap 5 cent candy or cholesterol packed diet contravening meal. They’ll love you for it (and possibly hate you a little bit if you made them break their diet).

13.  February 14th isn’t everything

Why spend your Valentine’s Day on Feb 14? Make your Valentine’s Day whenever you want… preferably at a cheaper time of the year.

14.  Knock something off the to-do list

If you’ve had a big chore on your to-do list then knock it off discretely and surprise your special someone with it. Or promise to do it after Valentine’s Day if you don’t want to ruin the surprise… but make sure you actually do it!

15.  Make a Valentine’s Day playlist

Kinda cheesy, kinda cute but always romantic. Burn a custom CD or cassette (for extra retro points) packed full of special songs. Make sure to remember to tell your valentine just why each song means so much.

16.  Vintage gifts

Thrift stores have some incredibly unique pieces of clothing, furniture, shoes, books, knick-knacks, jewellery and more. Buy your valentine something as original as they are. Make it cheesy, make it sincere, but most of all make it whatever you think they’ll love.

Remember Valentines Day is about being with the person you love, regardless of how much you spend or where you are. If you do decide to spend a little bit more and travel then why not win a valentines gift basketThe Current will be covering Valentines Day all week so check back for fun and romantic tips and tricks.