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The Best of theCurrent – Celebrating 1000 Posts

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We started our journey over four years ago in 2015…and now after countless adventures we’ve reached 1000 posts on theCurrent! Thank you to everyone who has supported us by reading and sharing our articles, it means so much to us. We guarantee many new stories are coming, but for now we thought’d we take a trip down memory lane and highlight our six favourite articles since we started the blog (one for each year…plus two more because we’re feeling good)!

Our Favourites

Without further ado, we’re going to jump right into our rankings. Keep in mind these are purely the opinion of one writer (aka me). If an article you love didn’t make the cut, feel free to let us know!

6. Continental’s Countries


When we started theCurrent, one of the very first articles was our ‘Country of the Week: United States‘. From humble beginnings, this evolved into a tradition where we featured a new country each week, complete with history, culture, a comprehensive travel guide, and a currency spotlight. After visiting over 100 countries across nearly every continent (sorry Antarctica), we ended the feature. Of course, our collection remains and endless adventures await HERE.

5. Europe’s Best Museums

Picking only six articles to highlight here was a challenge, but arguably picking only eight museums throughout Europe was just as tricky – such is the quality and diversity they offer. From old standbys like the Louvre in Paris to Berlin’s fascinating ‘Museum Island’, these institutions offer some of the best windows into the culture and history of both Europe and the world at large. You can see what’s worth the entry price HERE.

4. Money Lessons from Fiction

At Continental, we pride ourselves on being Your Foreign Exchange Experts™ so much that we trademarked it. But sometimes we need to reach out for help too. Luckily some famous and very wealthy individuals were on hand, even if their methods and motives could be questioned. Jay Gatsby would have us throwing ostentatious parties all to impress a lost love while others recommend a more Machiavellian outlook on finance. See what tips we picked up HERE.

3. FX101: The History of Money

fx101 forex fx foreign exchange trading market credit card fees

We had an embarrassment of riches to choose from when it came to our many FX101 articles. Our ever growing collection of in-depth examinations into the world of currency and foreign exchange has covered a wide range of topics. Perhaps the most important though remains the time we charted the path of finance from bartering all the way to plastic cards and the digital revolution. Discover the evolution of currency HERE.

2. The World of ‘Game of Thrones’

visit the seven kingdoms rider castle dark painting game of thrones song of ice and fire fantasy

We’re cheating a bit again since this is actually four posts, not one – but who’s counting? We love ‘Game of Thrones’ here and have spent nearly as much time in its fictional world as we did in many actual countries as you’ll soon see. Our visit to Westeros included an in-depth look at the continents history and culture, while our Travel Guide and Currency Spotlight explored the places, people, and systems that make the Seven Kingdoms tick – from the Wall to Dorne. We had so much fun exploring this universe, we went back for a second visit a year later – this time sailing across the Narrow Sea to Essos! With the final season coming in April, we might make one final trip to the cutthroat kingdoms.

Honourable Mentions

There are so many amazing articles we didn’t have time to feature. Every single post on theCurrent has a story behind it, whether we’re highlighting the great and selfless work done by staff abroad, the launch of our 19th branch, or even the myths surrounding blood-suckers in a famous Romanian region! Just pick a category or page and start exploring, you’ll be glad you did. But for now though, there’s only one thing left to do…

1. Hiking in the Highlands


The #1 post of all-time on theCurrent is an old favourite…our two-part, week-long adventure through the Scottish Highlands! While there was much hand-wringing about choosing the other articles on this list, there was never any doubt this would end up on top. By far our longest Travel Diary, the piece chronicles the adventures of five university students as they deal with the hills and hazards of the West Highland Way. From Glasgow to the top of Ben Nevis, it was a journey those who made it will never forget, and we could not have been happier to invite you all along for the ride!

We chose ‘Hiking in the Highlands’ for many reasons (personal bias being a main one), but perhaps most of all because it encapsulates so much about that deep lying love of travel we share. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do if people didn’t have the urge to explore new horizons, whether it be a five star resort in the Caribbean or a barren moor in the northern corner of Britain. Even with all the bumps and bruises along the way, we wouldn’t trade adventures like this for anything.

The trail awaits. Check out PART 1 and PART 2 now!

The Journey Continues

There you have it, our favourite posts so far on theCurrent! We hope you enjoyed the great adventure we’ve all been on for four years. While we don’t know exactly where the road will take us, we know it’ll be a trip worth taking! See you there and thanks for reading.

Stay informed. Stay Current.