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Here’s to Our 1-Year Anniversary!

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We’ve made it. With a whole year of adventures in travel, foreign exchange, and much more behind us, we’ve hit our biggest milestone yet. Is it a bit self-congratulatory to do a post highlighting our own 1-year anniversary? Without a doubt…but we’re going to do one anyways!

Thank You

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First and foremost, we wouldn’t have even been able to keep the Current going for a month, let alone a year, if it weren’t for readers like you. Whether this is the first article you’ve read and you hate it, or you come here every week to experience a new country and love it – we thank you all the same (though we definitely hope you fall into the latter category).

The Journey We’ve Been On

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From south of the border exactly a year ago to the crossroads of the world just yesterday, we’ve been around the globe and then some. Our Continental’s Countries database is full of history, culture, destinations, and currencies of countries among the most popular, and the relatively obscure. We can’t forget our epic journey through the Scottish Highlands either! We did more than just travel however. Whether it’s advice on how to make the most of the loonie or showcasing the newest and most exciting services that Continental Currency Exchange has to offer – the Current has been here to get it done!

The Adventures Yet to Come

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The second year of the Current promises to be just as exciting as the first. We’ll continue our weekly trips to far flung countries and cities, including some you might not expect (and we mean that). We’ll also continue to be your one stop shop for everything Continental while still shining a light on the sometimes complicated world of foreign exchange. Of course, even we don’t know exactly what stories we’ll tell this coming year – so keep checking back for unique, original content each week!

That’s All for Now!

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If we haven’t said it enough already, thanks again for reading, sharing, and enjoying our content. It means a lot that you’re able to share in our adventures with us, and we hope you will continue to do so. As long as there are places to go and stories to be told – you know where to find us!

Stay informed. Stay Current.